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  • Committer: Teddy Hogeborn
  • Date: 2008-09-05 08:38:30 UTC
  • Revision ID: teddy@fukt.bsnet.se-20080905083830-6y9v2rb2us0m45kn
* Makefile (PIDDIR, USER, GROUP): New variables.
  (install-server): Create $(PIDDIR).  Copy "init.d-mandos" and
                    "default-mandos" into place.  Install init script
                    using "update-rc.d".
  (uninstall-server): Remove links to init script using "update-rc.d".
  (purge-server): Remove /etc/init.d/mandos and /etc/default/mandos.

* default-mandos: New file.  Will install as "/etc/default/mandos".
* init.d-mandos:            - '' -           "/etc/init.d/mandos".
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
password-request.xml 158 15 years ago Teddy Hogeborn * plugins.d/password-request.xml (EXAMPLE): Improv 18.5 KB Diff Download File
password-prompt.xml 156 15 years ago Teddy Hogeborn * mandos-clients.conf.xml (OPTIONS): Improved spel 9.3 KB Diff Download File
password-request.c 24.1.82 15 years ago Björn Påhlsson merge 29.7 KB Diff Download File
password-prompt.c 110 15 years ago Teddy Hogeborn * mandos.xml (EXAMPLE): Replaced all occurences of 6.9 KB Diff Download File
File usplash 74 15 years ago Teddy Hogeborn * Makefile (PREFIX, CONFDIR): New. * initramfs-to 1 KB Diff Download File