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  • Committer: Björn Påhlsson
  • Date: 2008-01-18 21:18:26 UTC
  • mto: This revision was merged to the branch mainline in revision 6.
  • Revision ID: belorn@legolas-20080118211826-5rbwo54l4bwim5x2
        [Working version in initrd for booting]
        Added #ifdef DEBUG statements through out the program
        Added support to keep bouth tcp and udp up at the same time
        Catching several more error return codes that was unchecked.
        Starts the Network interface during startup.
        Added support for entering password on console
        Added error handling, like looping until a password has been received.
        Added cleanup handling so console state is always restored
        Old server.cpp [see next version]
        Test certificates

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