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  • Committer: Teddy Hogeborn
  • Date: 2019-03-30 21:23:59 UTC
  • Revision ID: teddy@recompile.se-20190330212359-z7u9ik1lh5auybhm
mandos-ctl: Refactor: fix confusion about values_to_set/values_to_get

* mandos-ctl (TestPropertySetterCmd.runTest): Generalize to work on
                                              any command regardless
                                              of what combination of
                                              values_to_set or
                                              values_to_get attributes
                                              it has.
  (TestPropertySetterCmd.run_command): Remove.
  (TestEnableCmd, TestDisableCmd, TestBumpTimeoutCmd,
  TestStartCheckerCmd, TestStopCheckerCmd, TestApproveByDefaultCmd,
  TestDenyByDefaultCmd): Change "values_to_set" to "values_to_get",
                         since that is what is intended.
  (TestPropertySetterValueCmd): Remove; all inheritors changed to
                                inherit from TestPropertySetterCmd.
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format 452.1.1 9 years ago Teddy Hogeborn * debian/source/format: New; contains "3.0 (quilt) 12 bytes Diff Download File
local-options 505.1.7 8 years ago Teddy Hogeborn * debian/source/local-options: New; contains "--si 22 bytes Diff Download File