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  • Committer: Teddy Hogeborn
  • Date: 2018-08-19 01:35:11 UTC
  • mto: (237.7.594 trunk)
  • mto: This revision was merged to the branch mainline in revision 368.
  • Revision ID: teddy@recompile.se-20180819013511-cku25q9yeub3dnr0
Adapt to changes in cryptsetup; use "cryptroot-unlock" program

* Makefile (install-client-nokey): Also install new script files
  "mandos-to-cryptroot-unlock" and "initramfs-tools-script-stop".
* debian/mandos-client.dirs: Add
* initramfs-tools-hook: Also copy "mandos-to-cryptroot-unlock".
* initramfs-tools-script: Only modify keyscript setting in cryptroot
  file if the file exists, otherwise start
  "mandos-to-cryptroot-unlock" in background.
* initramfs-tools-script-stop: New script to make sure plugin-runner
  has stopped before continuing.
* mandos-to-cryptroot-unlock: New script to run plugin-runner and feed
  any password it gets into the "cryptroot-unlock" program.

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